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hey for all you goth-kiddies (or just fans of the gothic musics)!!!
Darkspark is back and more stable than ever before.
We've doubled our library and expanded our genres!!!

but yeah, Brian and I got our asses in gear and fixed it up. now you can hear the likes of:
Spahn Ranch
Bella Morte
Razed in Black
The Cure
and Much, Much More!!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!one (Not actually a band)


[bloody] <3's & [black] Roses,

P.S. more info and updates to come later - much to disclos, but no time now....
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happy zombie jesus day from darkspark radio!

i've just queued up an appropriately themed set for the few of you cybercitizens celebrating on the intarweb, so tune in.

also, for the first time, i'll be replaying a set. your zombie jesus day present will be played again later on tonight, probably around 10:30 pm or so, so if you missed the first round, you'll have a second shot then.

click here for music!

MirrorMask primavera8180 Valentine

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If you tune into Darkspark You'll hear my "Love Set." I know I missed Valentine's Day. this isn't for that tho. I've thrown together a set of most every song we have that involves love (AKA - Any song that has "Love" in the title.) There's actually quite a good selection I have to say. Death is in Love with us. Love Song. I don't Love you anymore. Love Never Dies. Love_and_Hatred. Just to name a few. this set will be playing until about 1 or 2-ish I'd hafta assume. so yes, tune in!!


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unfortunately, i haven't had a chance to fix up the site, nor start toying with this community's layout. i've been called into work on several of the days i've had off, and on the two off-days i managed to keep, i had a lot of personal stuff to take care of.

to make this up to you guys, i'm willing to attempt to play around with layouts on someone else's computer. i do *not* do this - at all - but it'll give me something to do when everyone else is at work, and not waste any more time.

no guarantees, though - i'm really uncomfortable working on anything except my darling mpieu, but i'll give it a shot. at the latest, they'll be done by monday night. feel free to shoot me with paintballs if they're not.

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New podcast up. if you're already subscribed on iTunes or your PSP, go check outDarkspark Cast : Episode VI
if you don't/can't subscribe and just listen to the mp3's that link'll take ya to the rss page where you can get the mp3.
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